Are There Any Difference Between Yesterday's and Today's Parent-Child Relationship?

Parent-Child relationship varies in different families and parenting skills vary from person to person. Mostly it depends on how the individual was brought up while he or she was still a child. How a parent deals with his or her offspring can be rooted on how he or she was treated during his or her childhood years.

During the olden times, parent-child relationship merely exists because of the perception that the male alpha will always have the say on everything and that the female counterpart is only a partner that takes care of the offspring. It seems that there is no connection between the parents and the children because it was common before that they instil fear to get order in their households. If a child commits a mistake then he or she deserves punishment; well, that was before.

According to studies, parents should discipline their children out of love and care and not by instilling fear. Why? Because it is important that a child obeys you with the reason that he or she respects you and not that he or she fears you. When it was common before that the parents beat their children thinking that they deserve it due a mistake done, today, it is greatly prohibited and even illegal to impose physical harm to your children. If you fail to abide by this law, you could get reprimanded or worst, you can go to prison.

A child, in order to be a successful adult in the future without feelings of remorse, guilt, hatred, and revenge should be treated as a child with freedom and given respect today. Parents should practice good parent-child relationship in order to contribute in their children's success; otherwise they may become a victim of their children's revenge in the future for it is common for these children who have experienced maltreatment from their parents to just dump them at any home for the aged when the time comes.

While it is still early for change, be a good example for your children so that they will also have a healthy parent-child relationship in the future when they will already have their own families.

Heather Masson has been a parent and professional child caregiver for over twenty years. She is passionate about raising children up to be happy, healthy and well-adjusted. She loves to help and support other parents in their quest to do the same. Heather believes information and a strong parenting support community are key to raising happy kids.

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